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SaunasAquatech Pools supply and install Canadian Spa infrared Saunas. Infrared Saunas are a modern alternative to the traditional stove type Sauna.

The infrared system does not generate moisture or steam, but uses a radient heat source. This provides major health benefits to the body and is providing to be a very popular choice for both commercial and domestic use.

Saunas detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system and improve circulation and the cardiovascular system.

Complate Sauna packages are available from only £1500!

Steam Rooms

Aquatech Pools design and install bespoke Steam Rooms. Steam Rooms boast all the benefits of a Sauna with the added benefit of steam.

A steam bath is not only relaxing and energy-renewing, but promotes health and beauty too. Recommended for conditions such as bronchitis, catarrh, rheumatic complaints and joint pain. Steam Rooms can also be beneficial for people suffering from poor skin circulation, sleeping disorders and dry, chapped skin, amongst others.

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Benefits of an Infrared Sauna

  • Major health benefits
  • Great way to unwind and relax
  • Spend quality time with friends and family
  • Easy to install packages from only £1500

Benefits of a Steam Room

  • Major health benefits
  • Designed and built to your requirements
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